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QIVOC is a geosynthetics company with many years of experience in production and research and development. Our geogrids have been widely used in railroad construction and other engineering fields, and have achieved good results. The following application cases are introduced in Lalin Railway, Jingbian-Shenmu Gathering Railway and Yinxi High-speed Railway.

Application of Geogrid in Lalin Railway

Application of Geogrid in Lalin Railway

Project Introduction

Lalin railroad is connected to the Lhasa and Linzhi railroads and is an important part of the Sichuan-Tibet railroad, the railroad is located in the southeast of the Tibetan plateau, across the fracture zone, high mountains and deep valleys, the climate is extremely harsh, there are many engineering geological problems, engineering construction is difficult.

Due to the Lalin Railway being located in the alpine tundra area, glacier mudslide strong development area, the performance of geomaterials has extremely strict requirements, need to have tensile strength, weather resistance, good, stable performance and other characteristics to ensure that the Lalin Railway, high-speed, safe and smooth operation.

Product application

The two-way plastic geogrid QIVOC produces amounts to about 1 million square meters.

Engineering effect

The application of two-way plastic geogrid in the project effectively solves a series of problems such as expansion rock (soil), soft ground treatment, increases the bearing capacity of the roadbed, prevents the roadbed from collapsing or cracking and other diseases, and effectively prevents soil erosion and reduces the occurrence of mudslide accidents after the enhancement of soil slope treatment.

Application of Geogrid in Jingbian-Shenmu Gathering Railway

Application of Geogrid in Jingbian Shenmu Gathering Railway

Project Introduction

JingShen Railway project is located in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, running through the Yulin Energy Chemical Base, serving the three major mining areas of Shenfu, Yushen and Yuhang and the two major industrial parks of Shenfu and Yushen. JingShen Railway is the national strategic transportation corridor haoji railroad in the largest collection system, the construction of the railroad, to strengthen the north coal south transport, to protect the national energy transportation security, promote the construction of an energy chemical base in northern Shaanxi Province and regional economic development is of great significance. The railroad is located in the Mao Wusu Desert area, with a long cold cycle, complex geological conditions and difficult engineering construction.

Jing Shen Railway is the key collection line of Haoji Railway, Haoji Railway, about 70% of the cargo transportation originates from this, heavy railroad traffic weight, capacity, and density, the railroad line construction puts forward higher requirements, higher standards, the performance of the geotechnical materials put forward high strength, lightweight, good integrity, durability, creep deformation of the stringent requirements of the small.

Product application

The bi-directional plastic geogrid QIVOC produces is used for about 1.5 million square meters.

Engineering effect

Kaksiakselinen muovinen geoverkko combined with soil gravel is very suitable for heavy railroads with large traveling weight, large capacity and high density. The application of the product in the project, the formation of pile network structure, pile network structure and reinforced bedding products become an effective way of soft foundation reinforcement, effectively solving the weak foundation in the overlying load may produce shear damage, prevent slippage, collapse, subsidence and other phenomena, can fully meet the heavy-duty, high-speed railroads, the strict requirements.

Application of Geogrid in Yinxi High-Speed Railway

Application of Geogrid in Yinxi High Speed Railway

Project Introduction

Yinxi High-speed Railway starts from Xi’an North Railway Station, northwest through Xianyang Airport, Liquan, Qianxian, Yongshou, Binxian into Gansu, through Ningxian, Xifeng, Qingcheng, Huanxian into the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, along the G211 forward through the city of Wuzhong across the Yellow River through the city of Lingwu introduced into the Yinchuan station. Yinxi High-speed Railway is rich in mineral and tourism resources along the route, with superior location conditions. The construction of the Yanxi High-speed Railway will form a convenient channel for exchanges between Guanzhong City Cluster centered on Xi’an and along the Yellow City Belt connecting Yinchuan as the center, and radiate the vast areas such as East China, South Central and Southwest China through the interconnection between Xi’an Hub and the national rapid network, and the running time of Yinchuan-Xi’an buses will be shortened to less than 3 hours.

Silver West Passenger Dedicated Line is located in the entire line of the Sino-Korean quasi-terrestrial first-level tectonic unit, from south to north across the Fenwei Fault, Shanxi-Gansu-Ningdai depression, Shanxi-Gansu-Ningdai marginal fold belt of the three secondary tectonic units. The local tectonic surface highs are not consistent with the underground highs, and the geological conditions are complicated, which put forward high requirements for the construction of the railroad.

Product Application

The amount of high-strength plastic geogrid produced by QIVOC is about 1.6 million square meters; the amount of geotextile is about 500,000 square meters.

Project effect

High-strength plastic geogrid products used in the project, and the gravel layer together constitute a composite bedding layer with much greater stiffness than the weak foundation, the load imposed on the upper part of the redistribution of the role, to solve the problem of a weak foundation is not stable, the rapid laying of the product greatly improves the construction efficiency. Because the geological structure is very complicated, it is necessary to fill the embankment on one side of the soft and hard foundation, the use of high-strength plastic geogrid can more effectively ensure the safety of the embankment filling, so that the settlement of the embankment is more balanced and stable.

The application of geotextile products in the project increases the stability of gravel slopes and reinforced soil, prevents soil erosion, and slows down frost damage to the main body of the project at low temperatures.


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