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Standout product in anti-seepage, versatile for various anti-seepage environments and projects.

QIVOC provides the following specifications of geomembranes

  • Thickness: 0.2mm – 3.0mm (7.87mil – 118.11mil)
  • Length: 50m, 100, 150m, or any length
  • Width: 1m – 8m, or any length
  • Surface: smooth, single-sided texture, double-sided texture
  • Color: black, white, green, or any other color
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 square meter
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 days


QIVOC Geomembrane is crafted from 100% virgin polyethylene resin, blended with various additives. It undergoes a multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding process and a multi-head cast extrusion process. Our geomembranes boast unparalleled acids, alkalis, UV rays, and penetration resistance. They lead the global market in terms of flexibility, stretchability, strength, durability, stress resistance, and tear resistance.

QIVOC manufactures three main types of geomembranes: HDPE Geomembrane, LLDPE Geomembrane, and Composite Geomembrane. Each type offers exceptional performance, ensuring optimal results for your project.

Explore detailed information on each geomembrane by clicking the respective product links below.

$0.13 - $4.55

Liko 90000

SKU QIVOC-0001 Kategorija


Geomembrane Types By Material

As a professional geomembrane liner manufacturing company, QIVOC wholesales common geomembrane thicknesses, including 1mm, 2mm, 30 mils, 40 mils, 60 mils, 200 micron, 300 micron, 500 micron, etc. And provide prefabricated geomembrane liner services. Contact us now to get the best geomembrane liner sheet prices.

HDPE geomembrana

Achieving ultra-high anti-seepage performance to meet the stringent requirements of high-standard projects.

Kompozitinė geomembrana

This product combines the advantages of both geomembrane and geotextile, exhibiting robust overall performance.

LLDPE geomembrana

The LLDPE geomembrane exhibits exceptional elongation performance and softness, resulting in robust engineering adaptability.

Impermeable Geomembrane Advantages

As a geomembrane manufacturer and supplier with 20 years of experience, we take pride in the following advantages of our products:

  1. Our geo membrane sheet comes in comprehensive specifications, fully customizable to meet your specific width and thickness requirements.
  2. Demonstrating excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and formidable chemical corrosion resistance, our impervious geomembrane ensure long-lasting durability.
  3. With a broad operating temperature range and an extended service life, our waterproofing geomembrane are built to withstand diverse environmental conditions.
  4. Boasting super anti-aging, anti-penetration, and anti-ultraviolet properties, our geo membranes provide enhanced protection against various environmental factors.
  5. Featuring superior flexibility, stretchability, and mechanical properties, our geomembranes are ideal for applications demanding greater deformation ability.
  6. Easy installation is a hallmark of our products, contributing to improved construction efficiency.
  7. In comparison to traditional civil construction methods, our geomembrane liner offers a more cost-effective and practical solution, delivering both savings and efficiency.

Use of Geomembrane

Geomembrane liner find diverse applications across a range of projects, geomembranes are mainly used for:

Environmental Protection and Sanitation:
Landfills; Sewage treatment plants; Power plant regulating pools; Industrial and hospital solid waste disposal

Water Conservancy Projects:
Anti-seepage, plugging, and reinforcement of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs; Anti-seepage of water channels; Vertical core walls; Slope protection

Municipal Engineering:
Subway construction; Building underground engineering; Green roofing and roof gardens; Sewage pipe anti-seepage

Waterproofing and moisture-proofing of artificial lakes, rivers, and reservoirs; Pond bottoms in golf courses; Slope protection and green lawns

Anti-seepage in chemical plants and refineries; Protection of oil storage tanks; Linings for chemical reaction tanks and sedimentation tanks

Lining for washing tanks, heap leach tanks, and ash dumps; Protection of dissolution tanks, sedimentation tanks, stockpiles, and tailings

Transportation Facilities:
Foundation reinforcement of highways; Anti-seepage in culverts

Seepage prevention for reservoirs; Drinking water pools; Water storage ponds; Irrigation systems

Breeding Industry:
Linings for intensive and factory breeding ponds; Fish ponds and shrimp pond linings; Sea cucumber circle slope protection

Salt Industry:
Salt field crystallization pond linings; Brine pond thatch covers; Salt film and plastic thatch film for salt ponds

Additionally, geomembrane sheet are versatile for personal home applications, such as small fish ponds, outdoor swimming pools, gardens, personal DIY projects, and outdoor camping. For personalized project advice, feel free to contact us.

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Geomembrane Installation Procedures

The geomembrane liner installation is simple and convenient. The following is the standard construction process.

  1. Before commencing installation, thoroughly clean the construction area, removing any sharp objects and debris to ensure a smooth foundation.
  2. Measure the length and width of the geo membrane accurately for precise cutting in accordance with project requirements. Ensure complete coverage of the targeted project area.
  3. Lay the cut impermeable geomembrane in the designated area, taking care to avoid wrinkles.
  4. In cases where the construction area exceeds the width of the impervious geomembrane, seam welding is necessary. Utilizing a dedicated welding machine for seam processing ensures superior impermeability.
  5. Secure the edges and joints of the waterproofing geomembrane using fixed strips, nails, etc. Ensure the geomembrane liner remains stationary during use.

Precautions for Geomembrane Liner Installation

While the construction of geomembrane is relatively simple, attention to the following considerations is crucial during installation. Here are specific precautions for geomembrane liner installation:

  1. Avoid dragging or pulling the geo membrane during transportation to prevent damage from sharp objects.
  2. Extend the geomembrane liner from the bottom to a higher position without excessive tension, maintaining a 1.50% margin to accommodate local sinking and stretching.
  3. Ensure that longitudinal joints of adjacent panels are not on a horizontal line, but staggered by more than 1m.
  4. Keep longitudinal joints more than 1.50m away from dam and bent foot, locating them on a flat surface.
  5. Start installation from the side slope and then proceed to the bottom of the field.
  6. When laying on a slope, align the film expansion direction parallel to the maximum slope line.
  7. Accurately measure relevant dimensions before cutting the geomembrane sheet.
  8. Minimize welds while laying the impermeable geomembrane.
  9. Ensure the overlap width of seams between membranes is generally not less than 10cm. Typically, arrange welding seams parallel to the maximum slope, following the slope direction.
  10. In corners and deformed areas, minimize the length of joints. Except for special requirements, avoid welds within 1.5 meters of the top slope or stress concentration area on slopes with a slope greater than 1:6.
  11. Stretch the waterproofing geomembrane as tightly as possible during laying.
  12. After laying the impervious geomembrane, minimize walking and tool movement on the surface to prevent damage to the membrane liners.

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Polyethylene Geomembrane Production Process

1. Selection of raw materials
The main raw materials of geomembrane include high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin, antioxidants, antioxidants, and pigment.

2. Production process steps
The production process of geomembrane mainly includes the following steps.

2.1 Mixing according to the proportion
According to the specifications and performance requirements of the geomembrane, HDPE/LLDPE resin, antioxidants, antioxidants, and pigment are put into the mixing machine for mixing according to a certain ratio.

2.2 Melt extrusion
Put the mixed raw materials into the extruder, through heating and melting, the solid raw materials will be transformed into molten melt.

2.3 Extrusion molding
Extrude the molten raw material from the extruder and mold it through the die plate.

2.4 Cooling
The extruded geomembrane is cooled through a cooling device to harden it quickly and keep its shape and properties stable.

2.5 Stretching and Shaping
The cooled and hardened geomembrane is stretched and shaped to improve its strength and stability.

2.6 Cutting and trimming
Cut and trim the geomembrane after stretching and shaping according to the specifications to get the finished product that meets the customer’s requirements.

Geomembrane Sheet Quality Control

The quality inspection process of the geomembrane is an important link to ensure the quality of the product, mainly including the following aspects.

3.1 Thickness and width measurement
Measure the thickness and width of the geomembrane with professional measuring instruments to ensure that it meets the specifications.

3.2 Strength test
Use the tensile testing machine to carry out strength tests on the geomembrane, including tensile strength, tear strength zigzag strength, and other indicators.

3.3 Density test
Use a density tester to test the density of the geomembrane to ensure compliance with the requirements.

3.4 Aging test
Expose part of the samples to conditions such as high temperature and ultraviolet rays to carry out aging tests to assess the weathering performance of the geomembrane.

3.5 Other tests
Other tests, such as impermeability tests, chemical corrosion performance tests, etc., can be carried out as required.

Certificates and Patents

Packing, Transportation of Geo Membrane

Geomembranes that have passed the quality inspection will be packaged and stored to ensure the integrity and stable quality of the product.

Packaging is generally in woven bags or according to your customized requirements, while the product specifications, batch number and production date, and other information are marked on the packaging.

The default transportation option is usually sea freight, or land freight. It can also be shipped according to your requirements.

Naujausi projektai

Susipažinkite su naujausiais mūsų klientų projektais ir ištirkite mūsų teikiamos individualiai pritaikytos pagalbos spektrą. Pasidalykite savo reikalavimais ir gaukite idealų sprendimą.

Dažnai užduodami klausimai

Regular color is black.

You can choose blue, green, white, etc., and we can customize production according to your requirements.

Geomembranos dažniausiai gaminamos iš plastikinių medžiagų, tokių kaip didelio tankio polietilenas (HDPE), mažo tankio polietilenas (LDPE) ir polipropilenas (PP).

Žinoma. Galime pritaikyti gamybą pagal jūsų reikalavimus.

Minimalaus užsakymo kiekio reikalavimo neturime. Nesvarbu, kokio kiekio produktų jums reikia, mes suteiksime jums profesionalų ir draugišką aptarnavimą.

Geomembraniniai tvenkinių įdėklai, veikiami saulės spindulių, tarnauja daugiau kaip 10 metų.

Mūsų gaminamų geomembranų storis svyruoja nuo 0,2 mm iki 3 mm.

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QIVOC geomembranos yra HDPE, LLDPE ir kompozitinės. Jos pasižymi puikiomis savybėmis: apsauga nuo įsiskverbimo, atsparumu cheminėms medžiagoms, atsparumu senėjimui, stiprumu, tvirtumu ir kt. Be to, ji gali prisitaikyti prie įvairių inžinerinių reikalavimų, todėl sumažėja inžinerinės sąnaudos ir techninės priežiūros išlaidos.


QIVOC geotekstilė yra keturių rūšių: austinė, neaustinė, polipropileninė ir poliesterinė. Ji pasižymi geromis savybėmis: atsparumu tempimui, dilimui, antikorozinėmis savybėmis, pralaidumu vandeniui, atsparumu senėjimui ir kt. Tai vienas iš ekonomiškiausių ir praktiškiausių gaminių civilinės ir (arba) hidrotechninės inžinerijos srityje.


"QIVOC" geokameros pasižymi labai dideliu atsparumu slėgiui, vandens pralaidumu, atsparumu korozijai, atsparumu senėjimui, atsparumu cheminėms medžiagoms, plastiškumu ir atsparumu skverbimuisi. Tai labai ekologiška ir aplinkai nekenksminga geotechninė medžiaga, ją lengva statyti ir galima naudoti pakartotinai.


QIVOC geonetai pasižymi dideliu stiprumu, atsparumu korozijai, geru vandens pralaidumu ir paprasta konstrukcija. Jis labai tinka sąvartynams, geležinkelių sistemos drenažui, kelio sankasos drenažui, tuneliams ir atraminėms sienelėms bei lauko drenažo stiprinimo projektams.


QIVOC geotinklas yra lengvas, jį lengva transportuoti ir montuoti, jis pigus, ekonomiškas ir praktiškas. Jis pasižymi nuostabiomis savybėmis: atsparumu tempimui, standumu, atsparumu senėjimui, pralaidumu vandeniui, antikorozinėmis savybėmis, plastiškumu ir kt.

Geosintetinis molio įdėklas

QIVOC geosintetinis molio įdėklas yra naujo tipo geosintetinė vandeniui atspari medžiaga, kuri pasižymi tokiais privalumais kaip nesidėvėjimas, geras patvarumas, netoksiškumas ir nekorozija. Tai labai gera ekologiška natūrali neorganinė aplinkai nekenksminga medžiaga.

Polietileniniai vamzdžiai

QIVOC PE vamzdžiai pasižymi didele molekuline mase, atsparumu smūgiams, atsparumu dilimui, atsparumu korozijai ir nedideliu atsparumu srautui. Tinka elektros energijos, kasybos, dujų, vandens tiekimo, chemijos pramonės, farmacijos ir kitoms sritims.

Geomembranų suvirinimo aparatas

QIVOC geotechninio suvirinimo aparatas tinka HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, ECB, PP ir kitoms karšto lydymosi medžiagoms suvirinti. Jis pasižymi paprastu valdymu, patogumu ir nešiojamumu.

2 atsiliepimai apie Geomembrane

  1. James Archer -

    The quality of the geomembrane is beyond my expectations, it is very good! Even better than the ones I bought from our country’s factories! I will use it to make a fish pond

  2. Clarkson -

    I am writing to share my experience with the geomembrane. Choosing this product has proven to be a remarkable decision. Its performance has been outstanding, meeting the demands of our project seamlessly.

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