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HDPE geomembrana

The optimal choice for projects such as landfills, ponds, and water tanks requiring effective anti-seepage measures is the HDPE geomembrane.

HDPE geomembrane, also known as high-density polyethylene membrane or HDPE liner, is primarily categorized into two types: HDPE smooth geomembrane and single HDPE textured geomembrane. HDPE, a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin, exhibits exceptional resistance to a wide range of domestic and industrial chemicals.

QIVOC HDPE geomembrane sheet is crafted from original HDPE resin, enriched with a blend of additives including antioxidants, UV absorbers, anti-aging agents, stabilizers, and modifiers. By carefully adjusting the proportions of these additives, the resulting HDPE membrane demonstrates robust resistance to environmental stress cracking, low-temperature embrittlement, aging, ultraviolet exposure, and corrosion. Additionally, it offers an extensive operating temperature range (±60°C) and boasts a prolonged service life of up to 60 years.

$0.20 - $3.90

Liko 100000

SKU QIVOC-0002 Kategorija


HDPE Liner Parameter

This is the product parameter of QIVOC HDPE geomembrane, including HDPE smooth surface geomembrane and HDPE smooth and textured surface geomembrane.

PrekėSmooth suface HDPE geomembraneSmooth and textured suface HDPE geomembrane
Storis (mm/mil)0.75/29.531.0/39.371.5/59.062.0/78.740.75/29.531.0/39.371.5/59.062.0/78.74
Tankis (g/m2)≥0.94≥0.94
Tempimo charakteristikos  
Plėtros stipris (įtempiai), N/mm1215233012152330
Lūžio stipris (įtempimas), N/mm2228435719243748
Pailgėjimas ties yiled(%)1313
Pailgėjimas nutrūkus (%)700700
Dešiniojo kampo plyšimo stipris (N)9512518724995125187249
Stiprumas pradūrus (N)270350530700270350530700
Atsparumas aplinkos įtrūkimams(h)400400
Juodoji anglis  
Suodžių kiekis (diapazonas), %2.0-3.02.0-3.0
Anglies suodžių dispersijaDevynios iš dešimties stebėjimo sričių turėtų priklausyti pirmajam arba antrajam lygiui, o trečiajam lygiui - ne daugiau kaip vieną kartą.Devynios iš dešimties stebėjimo sričių turėtų priklausyti pirmajam arba antrajam lygiui, o trečiajam lygiui - ne daugiau kaip vieną kartą.
Tekstūros aukštis (mm) 0.25
Oksidacijos indukcijos laikas (OIT)  
Standartinis OIT (min)100100
Aukšto slėgio OIT(min)400400
85 ℃ senėjimas orkaitėje (mažiausia vidutinė vertė) pagal formulę  
Standartinis OIT išlaikymas po 91 dienos kepimo(%)5555
Aukšto slėgio OIT išlaikymas po 91 dienos kepimo (%)8080
Atsparumas UV spinduliams  
Po 1600 val. ultravioletinės spinduliuotės standartinio OIT (%)5050
Po 1600 val. ultravioletinės spinduliuotės, aukšto slėgio OIT(%)5050
-70 ℃ žemos temperatūros smūginio trapumo charakteristikosperduotiperduoti
Matmenų stabilumas(%)±2±2

If you need customized products, please refer to the following parameters.

QIVOC, as a premium HDPE Liner supplier and manufacturer, offers competitive HDPE Liner prices including cost per square meter and a price list tailored to your budget. No matter what kind of HDPE waterproofing membrane you need, we can provide you with unbeatable prices and superior quality. We as an experienced HDPE geomembrane supplier and manufacturer ensure reliability and durability. From jual geomembrane HDPE to wholesale HDPE liners, we offer unmatched value and service.

Contact us to submit your requirements and QIVOC will provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Thickness customized: 0.2mm – 3.0mm (7.87mil – 118.11mil) Of course, I also offer the following special HDPE lining thicknesses: 30mil, 40mil, 60mil, 80nil, 500micron…

Pritaikytas ilgis: 50 m, 100 m, 150 m arba bet kokio ilgio

Pritaikytas plotis: 1 m - 8 m arba bet kokio ilgio

Paviršiaus pritaikymas: lygus, vienpusė tekstūra, dvipusė tekstūra

Spalvų pritaikymas: juoda, balta, žalia, bet kokia kita spalva

Minimalus užsakymo kiekis: 1 kvadratinis metras

Mokėjimo būdas: LC, T/T, Western Union

Tiekimo pajėgumai: 90 000 kvadratinių metrų per dieną

Pristatymo laikas: 7-15 dienų

Conventional packaging: HDPE geomembrane lined roll packaging woven bag or according to your requirements.

Į konteinerį kraunamas ritinio dydis: Plotis 5,8 m X ilgis 50 m-100 m.

HDPE Geomembrane Sheet Advantages

As a HDPE geomembrane manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we take pride in the following advantages of our products:

Product Features:

  1. Ultra-High Waterproofing Performance: Exceptional anti-seepage coefficient at (1×10-17 cm/s).
  2. Wide Temperature Range: Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, operating in temperatures ranging from a high of 110℃ to a low of -70℃.
  3. Chemical Stability: Demonstrates good chemical stability, resisting corrosion from strong acids, alkalis, and oils.
  4. Tensile Strength and Adaptability: Exhibits robust tensile strength and elongation at break, suitable for various harsh geological and climatic conditions. Strong adaptability to uneven geological settlement, meeting the requirements of high-standard engineering projects.
  5. Weather Resistance and Anti-Aging Properties: Strong weather resistance and anti-aging capabilities, allowing extended exposure while maintaining original performance.
  6. Environmentally Friendly Material: Crafted from high-quality virgin plastic and carbon black particles without any preservatives.
  7. An environmentally friendly building material, suitable even for use as a food packaging bag.

Advantages of Use:

  1. Simple and Fast Construction: Construction is straightforward and swift, requiring only proper leveling. No need for a concrete cushion, eliminating the requirement for a structural concrete curing period.
  2. Resistance to Base Deformation: Resilient to base deformation with good elongation at break, capable of withstanding foundation settlement or deformation.
  3. Easy Restoration: After use, simply store it away and backfill it to restore it to its original state.

High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane Applications

HDPE membrane, owing to its exceptional performance characteristics, has found widespread application in various engineering projects, delivering dependable anti-seepage and soil protection effects. Its primary applications include:

Special Environment Anti-Seepage:
Sewage treatment plants
Power plant tailings treatment
Chemical plants
Fertilizer plants
Sugar factory sewage tailings treatment
Non-ferrous metallurgy, sulfuric acid ponds
Tailings treatment in diverse industrial settings

Infrastructure Projects:
Roof linings in specialized environments

Anti-Seepage Paving:
Horizontal anti-seepage paving
Vertical anti-seepage paving for reservoirs, canals, and dams

Water Containment:
Anti-seepage for seawater and freshwater containment
Anti-seepage for breeding farms and aquaculture

These applications showcase the versatility and reliability of high density polyethylene liner in providing effective anti-seepage solutions for a wide range of engineering projects.

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HDPE Membrane Installation Procedures

Using and installing HDPE waterproofing membrane is straightforward and convenient. Below is a standard construction process.

  1. Pre-installation Site Preparation: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the construction area, and removing sharp objects and debris to maintain a smooth foundation.
  2. Precise Measurement for Cutting: Measure the length and width of the HDPE liner sheet accurately, ensuring precise cutting tailored to project requirements. Confirm comprehensive coverage of the targeted project area.
  3. Laying and Wrinkle Avoidance: Lay the cut HDPE waterproofing sheet in the designated area to prevent wrinkles.
  4. Seam Welding for Oversized Areas: In cases where the construction area exceeds the width of the HDPE membrane sheet, seam welding becomes necessary. Utilize a dedicated welding machine for seam processing to ensure optimal impermeability.
  5. Secure Fixation with Strips and Nails: Employ fixed strips, nails, etc., to secure the edges and joints of the HDPE geo membrane. Ensure the HDPE impermeable liner remains stable and doesn’t shift during use.

Precautions for Installation of High Density Polyethylene Liner

While the construction of high-density polyethylene HDPE liners is relatively simple, attention to the following considerations is crucial during installation. Here are specific precautions for HDPE impermeable membrane installation:

  1. Temperature Requirements:
    Ensure a temperature above 5℃.
    Tighten the geomembrane at low temperatures and loosen it at high temperatures.
    Avoid construction during strong winds, rain, or snow.
  2. Test Welding:
    Perform on-site test welding at the beginning of the welding process.
    The overlap width of the sample should be no less than 10cm.
    Conduct on-site peeling and shearing tests using a tensile machine.
  3. Seam Treatment:
    Heat welding is used for seam treatment.
    The overlap width of seams between membranes is generally not less than 10cm.
    Arrange welds parallel to the maximum slope, following the slope direction.
    Pay continuous attention to the welding machine’s operation, fine-tuning speed and temperature as needed.
  4. Lengthwise Splicing:
    When the HDPE geomembrane liner length is insufficient, lengthwise splicing is necessary.
    Weld transverse seams first and then longitudinal seams.
    Transverse welds over 50cm apart should form a T-shape and cannot cross.
    Stagger and overlap adjacent hdpe liner welds as much as possible.
    Minimize cross-shaped nodes; use an extrusion welding machine to strengthen the intersection points of the longitudinal die to the weld seam.
  5. Laying:
    Aim to lay from top to bottom, minimizing welds to save raw materials while ensuring quality.
    Flatten and tightly attach the space between membranes and between membranes and the base surface.
    Ensure the laying is not too tight, avoiding wrinkles. Use sandbags to hold down the HDPE plastic liner after laying a certain thickness to prevent the wind from blowing it up.
  6. Special Locations:
    In corners and deformed areas, shorten joint lengths.
    Except for special requirements, avoid welds within 1.5 meters of the top slope or stress concentration area on slopes with a slope greater than 1:6.

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