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Сварочный аппарат для геомембран

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Delivers exceptionally precise and reliable welding quality, even in challenging and demanding working environments.

The geomembrane welding machine serves the purpose of connecting multiple layers of geomembrane by utilizing techniques such as heat welding or high-frequency welding. This creates a continuous and integral membrane structure, enhancing its anti-seepage capabilities. The primary materials for welding with the geomembrane machine include HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, ECB, PP, and other hot melt materials, along with groove surface geomembranes and anti-seepage membranes.

QIVOC’s geomembrane welder offers adjustable temperature and speed, ensuring good stability and durability. It boasts a user-friendly design, making it easy to operate, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, its compact size, light weight, precise temperature control, high welding strength, and effective sealing contribute to its superior performance. The machine can automatically traverse to achieve slope, vertical, inverted automatic welding, and more.

Below are the detailed product parameters for various QIVOC welding machines.

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Plastic Welding Hot Air Gun

Plastic Welding Hot Air Gun

The plastic welding hot air welder is characterized by double insulation and an ergonomic design, ensuring stability and ease of use. With its lightweight construction, the machine is highly portable.

This plastic welding heat gun finds versatile applications in welding plastic liners, plates, pipes, and plastic floors. It is also suitable for various tasks such as thermoforming, heat shrinkage, drying, and ignition. The welding gun offers flexibility with the option to choose from different-sized welding tips, including 20mm, 40mm, and φ5mm, catering to diverse welding needs.


  1. Lightweight design ensures easy handling and operation at different angles.
  2. Various welding tips can be chosen to accommodate different welding requirements.
  3. Features an upgraded motor, a high-quality splash-proof rocker switch, and a durable heating element for enhanced performance and longevity.


ModelPlastic Welding Hot Air Gun
Temperature adjusted50℃ – 620℃
Air volumeMAX 180L/min
Air pressure2600 Pa
Net weight1.05kg
Handle sizeΦ58mm
Digital displayNo
Warranty1 year

Plastic Extrusion Welding Gun

The extrusion welding gun is powered by a Japanese Hikoki electric drill, serves as the extrusion motor. This welding gun boasts dual independent heating for the base metal and electrode, a digital temperature control display, a 360-degree rotatable welding tip, and motor cold start protection.

Compact and user-friendly, the machine ensures stable performance and is suitable for continuous welding. Its LCD screen enhances visibility and convenience, providing an intuitive interface.

They are designed for welding HDPE, PE, PP, and PVC plastics.


  1. The 360-degree rotatable welding shoe caters to diverse welding requirements, and customization options are available for welding boots of different sizes.
  2. The screen automatically displays fault codes, allowing users to refer to the manual for corresponding solutions, facilitating inspection and maintenance.
  3. The intelligent control system features double protection and automatic compensation for heating temperature. This enhances the reliability of the extrusion welding gun, reduces failures from equipment misoperation, and extends the machine’s service life.


ModelPlastic Hand Extrusion
Rated voltage230v
Extruding motor power800w
Hot air power1600w
Welding rod heating power800w
Air temperature20℃ – 620℃
Extruding temperature50℃ – 380℃
Extruding volume2.0-2.5kg/h
Welding rod diameterΦ3.0-5.0mm
Driving motorHitachi
Warranty1 year

Welding Rod

The welding rod is made of polyethylene and is used with plastic extruder gun, It is usually used for welding geomembrane and pipe welding.

Hot Wedge Welder

Hot Wedge Welder

The hot wedge welding machine utilizes pressure to bring parts together, generating frictional heat that melts the polymer. The melted polymer then cools to form a weld. This wedge welder boasts a simple structure, easy operation, compact size, lightweight design, and portability. It offers fast welding speed, low energy consumption, and economical maintenance.

Primarily used for welding various hot melt materials like HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, ECB, and PP.

The standard 800W power is suitable for welding materials with a thickness of less than 0.8mm, while the high-power 1100W is suitable for welding materials with a thickness greater than 0.8mm.


  1. Motor System: Utilizes a brushless motor, ensuring continuous operation for over 100,000 hours.
  2. Control System: Equipped with an advanced feedback control system, providing high precision and robust protection functions.
  3. Pressure Adjustment: Features an intelligent pressure adjustment system for fine-tuning based on material thickness, ensuring optimal results.
  4. Pressure Wheel System: Utilizes a silicone pressure wheel with high-temperature resistance and good elasticity. The knurled steel pressure wheel is anti-slip, and wear-resistant, and offers improved welding effects on materials above 1mm.
  5. Heating System: Employs a special alloy heating assembly for fast heating, high efficiency, and extended service life.


ModelHot Wedge Welder
Rated Voltage230V/120V
Rated Power800W/1100W
Heating Temperature50~450℃
Welding Speed0.5-5m/min
Material Thickness Welded0.2mm-1.5mm(single layer)
Seam Width12.5mm*2, Interior Cavity 12mm
Weld Strength≥85%material
Overlap Width10cm
Digital DisplayNo
Warranty1 year
Сварочный аппарат для геомембран

Geomembrane Welder

The geomembrane welding machine employs a dual-track hot melt welding mechanism for effective sealing operations, ensuring a prolonged solution to water seepage issues. It features an advanced thermal chip structure, offering high power, elevated pressure, and rapid welding speed.

This machine is suitable for geomembrane materials ranging from 1.0mm to 3.0mm in thickness, encompassing HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, ECB, PP, and other hot melt materials.


  1. Equipped with a digital display showcasing set temperature, speed, actual welding speed, and temperature.
  2. Utilizes a closed-loop control system, automatically adjusting welding temperature and speed to prevent quality issues resulting from external voltage and temperature fluctuations.
  3. Displays fault codes, facilitating maintenance and inspection.
  4. Features an advanced T-shaped cantilever head design and pressure adjustment mechanism, ensuring balanced left and right welding bead pressure, uniform welding seams, and continuous adjustable welding pressure.
  5. Incorporates an ultra-high-power alloy heating design for enhanced heating efficiency, excellent welding performance, and extended service life.


ModelGeomembrane welding machine
Rated Voltage230V/120V
Rated Power1800W/1650W
Heating Temperature50~450℃
Welding Speed1.0-5m/min
Material Thickness Welded1.0mm-3.0mm(single layer)
Seam Width15mm*2, Interior Cavity 15mm
Weld  Strength≥85% material
Overlap Width12cm
Digital DisplayTemperature and speed dual display
Welding pressure100-1000N
Warranty1 year

Air Pressure Tester

The Air Pressure Tester is designed for conducting rapid and straightforward inflatable leakage tests on geomembrane welds. When deployed at construction sites, it allows for swift and easy inflation to assess the airtightness of inner cavity welds.

Customization of welding machines

The geomembrane machines sold by QIVOC include plastic welding gun, wedge welder, and plastic extrusion welding gun. As a professional geomembrane welding machine supplier, QIVOC also provide customized services for the above products, contact us now to get the best price.

Voltage: 100V – 240V

Power plug standards: American standard, European standard, British standard

Power (kW): 800w/1100w/ 1300w/1800w

Welding material: PP HDPE PE PVC EVA

Способ оплаты: LC, T/T, западный союз

Время доставки: 7-15 дней

Conventional packaging: boxed or packaged according to customer needs

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The above equipment is suitable for welding materials including:

HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, ECB, PP, PE, and other hot melt materials. As well as groove geomembranes, anti-seepage membranes, plastic liners, plates, pipes plastic floors, etc.

Application areas include outdoor spray advertising, industrial tarpaulins, geotechnical engineering, tunnel engineering, landfills, plastic engineering manufacturing, floor coverings, heat shrink fields, water conservancy, aquaculture, chemical minerals, sewage treatment, roof construction and other fields .

Usage and Precautions

A user manual will be included in each equipment box, providing detailed information on the equipment. The manual covers essential aspects such as equipment parameters, usage methods, precautions, maintenance guidelines, and repair instructions.


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