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Case Study: Geosynthetics Used in Solid Waste Field Anti-seepage Project

Case study geosynthetics used in solid waste field anti seepage projects 6

The industrial solid waste disposal project in Yunxi District utilized geotechnical materials such as geomembranes, filament geotextiles, GCL bentonite waterproof blankets, and composite drainage nets, all provided and implemented by QIVOC. Despite challenges such as geological conditions, overlapping operations, and the pandemic, the project was completed. Project Overview The industrial solid waste disposal project in […]

3 Tekniska fall av geonät som används vid järnvägsbyggen

3 tekniska fall av geonät som används vid järnvägsbyggen

QIVOC is a geosynthetics company with many years of experience in production and research and development. Our geogrids have been widely used in railroad construction and other engineering fields, and have achieved good results. The following application cases are introduced in Lalin Railway, Jingbian-Shenmu Gathering Railway and Yinxi High-speed Railway. Application of Geogrid in Lalin […]

Tillämpningsfall av geotextilier i reservoardammar

Tillämpningsfall för geotextilier i reservoardammar 3

A certain dam was completed in August 1955, with a designed storage capacity of 13.5 million m3, a dam height of 21.15 m, and a dam crest elevation of 1870 m. Because the dam foundation has a soft soil layer, the main dam is an arched homogeneous earth dam that curves upstream, 660 m long, […]

Enaxligt geonät används i projekt för skydd av sluttningar och grönska Case

Uniaxial Geogrid Used in Slope Protection and Greening Project Case 11

The network structure has the functions of gathering soil, increasing the overall stability of the slope, and repairing the landslide slope. In mountainous areas with active earth crust, one-way geogrids are often used for mountain reinforcement and protection. After laying one-way geogrids on the slopes, the soil can be gathered, so that the slopes can […]

HDPE Pond Liner Used In Marine Shrimp Pond Breeding Projects

HDPE Pond Liner Used In Marine Shrimp Pond Breeding Projects 4

Use high density polyethylene pond liner to build shrimp ponds for breeding fish and shrimps. Project Overview: A customer wanted to buy some polyethylene pond liners to build a pond. He has an animal and food processing factory with a large open space that he wants to use to build a shrimp pond and learned […]

Geotextil används i vägbyggnadsprojekt på landsbygden

Geotextile used in rural road construction projects 2

Laying geotextile separation layers during the construction of rural roads can effectively enhance the lifespan and safety of the road, while also providing multifaceted protection to the road structure and the environment. In this project, the length of the road section with geotextile separation layers is 4670 m. The width of the installation is 9.88 […]

Framgångssaga för HDPE-geomembran vid sanering av dumpningsplatser för avfallsrester

Framgångssagan med HDPE-geomembran för föroreningsbekämpning av avfallsdeponier 1 1

The project involves the accumulation of solid waste, particularly smelting residues, generated annually by a large-scale mining enterprise. Due to the lack of any environmental protection measures at the deposition site, the waste residue heaps contain significant amounts of heavy metals such as lead, zinc, cadmium, and germanium. This has resulted in substantial pollution of […]

Framgångsrikt fall med HDPE-geomembran för behandling av lakvatten från deponier

Framgångsrikt fall med HDPE-geomembran för behandling av lakvatten från deponier

This project involves the closure and capping of a landfill that has been operating for several years. Due to adopting a simplistic filling method during construction, significant volumes of leachate are generated during heavy rainfall and flood periods, leading to the discharge of leachate and causing severe pollution to the surrounding environment. Project Overview The […]

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