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Vienass ģeorežģis, ko izmanto nogāzes aizsardzības un apzaļumošanas projekta gadījumā

The network structure has the functions of gathering soil, increasing the overall stability of the slope, and repairing the landslide slope.

In mountainous areas with active earth crust, one-way geogrids are often used for mountain reinforcement and protection. After laying one-way geogrids on the slopes, the soil can be gathered, so that the slopes can resist rain erosion.

In addition, the black one-way geogrid can resist ultraviolet radiation. Even if the grid is exposed to the outside of the soil, it will not be powdered or aged due to long-term ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, it is not afraid of rainwater erosion and corrosion, and cannot be replaced by heavy-duty reinforcement materials such as steel mesh.

The slope is a rocky slope with a height of approximately 9 meters. The original slope inclination averaged 55 degrees. The blasting caused cracks and looseness in the rock mass. After rainfall, water erosion and weathering, dangerous rocks, rolling stones and collapses were formed.

The design uses one-way geogrid reinforcement to protect the slope, and anchors are used to reinforce the stability of the slope.

The planting soil and vegetation soil are fixed through one-way geogrid turn-up.

Anchor rods and one-way plastic geogrids are simultaneously poured into reinforced concrete beams close to the rock surface to connect them, so that the turn-up soil mass is firmly attached to the rock surface.

This not only plays the role of support and reinforcement, ensuring the stability of the slope, but also beautifies the slope in the direction of environmental protection, ecology, and nature, achieving the overall effect of reinforcement and greening.

Uniaxial Geogrid Used in Slope Protection and Greening Project Case 2

Pictures before construction

Slope protection usually uses one-way geogrids to wrap and fix the slopes to create stronger positional stability of the slope soil, making full use of the bottom strengthening effect of the one-way geogrids.

Uniaxial Geogrid Used in Slope Protection and Greening Project Case 4

Pictures 1 month after completion

Sprinkle grass seeds or ecological bags before laying one-way geogrid to create a green slope ecological environment.

Uniaxial Geogrid Used in Slope Protection and Greening Project Case 3

Eco-bag slope protection and greening are one of the important construction methods in barren hills, mine restoration, highway slope greening, river bank slope protection, and inland river regulation.

Uniaxial Geogrid Used in Slope Protection and Greening Project Case 1

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