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Геомембрана LLDPE

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Boasting exceptionally high elongation performance and softness, it is highly suitable for projects characterized by uneven settlement or significant local settlement.

The LLDPE geomembrane is crafted from high-quality special linear low-density polyethylene resin, complemented by a range of additives. It comes in three variations: smooth surface, single textured surface, and double rough surface. The LLDPE textured geomembrane, derived from the LLDPE smooth geomembrane by spraying, not only inherits the characteristics of the smooth variant but also exhibits an exceptional direct shear friction coefficient. This feature significantly enhances its adaptability to various engineering scenarios.

QIVOC’s linear low-density polyethylene geomembrane not only demonstrates excellent chemical corrosion resistance and mechanical properties but also excels in multi-directional extension performance and softness. Its superior flexibility allows it to effectively cover protrusions and uneven terrain, accommodating complex shape deformations. Our standard lldpe geomembrane liner meets or exceed the GRI-GM17 standards, ensuring reliable performance for diverse applications.

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LLDPE Geomembrane Liner Parameter

This is the product parameter of QIVOC LLDPE geomembrane, including Smooth suface LLDPE geomembrane and Smooth and textured suface LLDPE geomembrane.
Пункт Smooth suface LLDPE geomembrane Smooth and textured suface LLDPE geomembrane
Товщина (мм/міліметр) 0.75/29.53 1.0/39.37 1.5/59.06 2.0/78.74 0.75/29.53 1.0/39.37 1.5/59.06 2.0/78.74
Щільність (г/м)2) ≤0.94 ≤0.94
Міцність на розрив
Межа текучості (напруження), Н/мм
Міцність на розрив (напруга), Н/мм 20 27 40 53 18 23 35 46
Подовження при yiled(%)
Подовження при розриві (%) 800 800
Міцність на розрив під прямим кутом (Н) 70 100 150 200 70 100 150 200
Міцність на прокол (N) 190 250 370 500 190 250 370 500
Стійкість до розтріскування під впливом навколишнього середовища (h) 300 300
Вміст сажі (діапазон), % 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0
Дисперсія технічного вуглецю Дев'ять з 10 зон спостереження повинні належати до 1-го або 2-го рівня, а 3-й рівень не повинен бути більше одного разу Дев'ять з 10 зон спостереження повинні належати до 1-го або 2-го рівня, а 3-й рівень не повинен бути більше одного разу
Висота текстури (мм) 0.25
Час індукції окислення (OIT)
Стандартний OIT(хв) 100 100
Високий тиск OIT (хв) 400 400
Витримка в печі при 85℃ (мінімальне середнє значення) за формулою
Стандартний вміст ОІТ після 91 дня випікання (%) 35 35
Утримання OIT під високим тиском після 91 дня випікання (%)
Стійкість до ультрафіолету
Після 1600 годин ультрафіолетового опромінення утримання стандартного OIT(%) 35 35
Після 1600 годин ультрафіолетового опромінення утримання високого тиску OIT(%)
Низькотемпературне ударне окрихчення при -70 ℃ перепустка перепустка
Стабільність розмірів (%) ±2 ±2

If you need customized products, please refer to the parameters below. QIVOC as a professional LLDPE geomembrane liner manufacturer, will provide you with cost-effective solutions and LLDPE geomembrane liner prices.

Thickness customized: 0.2mm – 3.0mm

Індивідуальна довжина: 50м, 100, 150м або будь-яка інша довжина

Індивідуальна ширина: 1м - 8м або будь-яка довжина

Налаштування поверхні: гладка, одностороння текстура, двостороння текстура

Налаштування кольору: чорний, білий, зелений, будь-який інший колір

Мінімальна кількість замовлення: 1 квадратний метр

Спосіб оплати: LC, T/T, Western Union

Потужність постачання: 90 000 квадратних метрів на добу

Термін доставки: 7-15 днів

Conventional packaging: LLDPE geomembrane lined roll packaging woven bag or according to your requirements.

Розмір рулону, завантаженого в контейнер: Ширина 5,8м X Довжина 50м-100м.

LLDPE Liner Advantages

As an LLDPE geomembrane manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we take pride in the following advantages of our products:

  1. This material exhibits excellent properties, including good ductility, low specific gravity, resistance to low temperatures, effective thermal insulation, outstanding waterproof performance, and ease of welding.
  2. Its anti-seepage capabilities make it highly flexible, and resistant to chemicals and UV rays, as well as puncture and tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  3. While its tear, puncture, and UV resistance are slightly lower compared to HDPE geomembrane, it still delivers reliable performance.
  4. With excellent anti-seepage features, it efficiently isolates moisture, harmful substances, and chemicals, safeguarding soil and groundwater quality.
  5. Free from plasticizers and fillers that may lead to premature cracking and a shortened service life, it is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless.
  6. The application of coating product technology achieves anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.
  7. Moreover, being a recyclable material, it can be recycled and reused, contributing to sustainability efforts.

LLDPE Polyethylene Geomembrane Applications

LLDPE polyethylene geomembrane, renowned for its outstanding performance characteristics, has been extensively employed in diverse engineering projects, delivering dependable anti-seepage and soil protection effects. Primarily utilized as a liner, it finds applications in the following areas:

  1. Aquaculture Projects: Lotus root ponds; Fish ponds; Shrimp ponds; Factory aquaculture ponds, and more.
  2. Environmental Protection Projects: Landfill capping and covering; Wastewater treatment; Landscaping; Root barriers, and more.
  3. Water Management: Irrigation ponds; Canals; Water treatment ponds; Lagoon pond liners; Reservoir pond liners; Water conservancy projects, and more.
  4. Mining: Heap leach platforms; Pipelines and retention channels; Liquid solution wells; Final repositories; Biogas projects; Petroleum projects; Salt industry, and more.

Through its versatile applications, the lldpe liner sheet plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and longevity of various engineering endeavors.

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LLDPE Liner Installation Procedures

Using and installing the LLDPE liner is straightforward and convenient. Below is a standard construction process.

  1. Pre-Installation Preparation:
    Clean the construction area thoroughly, removing sharp objects and debris to maintain a smooth foundation.
    Check the land’s drainage system to ensure efficient drainage beneath the lldpe low density polyethylene linear.
  2. Base Layer Application:
    After cleaning, apply a layer of fine sand or fine gravel as a base layer, ensuring a secure fit for the lldpe liner sheet.
  3. LLDPE Geomembrane Installation:
    Lay the LLDPE liner in the targeted area, taking care to avoid wrinkles.
    Ensure adequate overlap between the edges of the membrane, typically requiring 1-2 feet. Employ hot melt welding at connections to seal the seams.
  4. Secure Fixation:
    Fix the lldpe geomembrane on the ground surface in the appropriate position to prevent any shifting.
  5. Post-Installation Checks and Operations:
    After completing the installation, meticulously inspect the lldpe geomembrane liner surface for any damage or punctures.
    Proceed with filling, irrigation, and other operations as needed based on the project’s actual requirements.

Precautions for LLDPE Liner Sheet

While the construction of lldpe liner sheet is relatively simple, attention to the following considerations is crucial during installation. 

  1. Exercise caution during construction and usage to prevent damage to the large lldpe liner from sharp objects and tools. Maintain a clean construction site to minimize mechanical damage.
  2. Prohibit smoking at the construction site and ensure the availability of firefighting facilities if necessary. Shoes with nails or high-heeled hard-soled shoes are not allowed on the membrane surface.
  3. During construction, give special attention to ensuring that the laying is not overly tight, free from wrinkles, and the splicing is secure.
  4. Regularly inspect the lldpe geomembrane surface for any damage or punctures during use. Promptly repair any issues to maintain the anti-seepage effectiveness.
  5. Be mindful of the thermal expansion and contraction effects of the anti-seepage membrane material. Take appropriate measures to prevent soil, granular matter, or foreign objects from entering the geotextile layer after installation.
  6. Commence each day’s welding with a 0.9mm×0.3mm on-site trial sample, featuring an overlap width of no less than 10cm. Conduct on-site peeling and shearing tests using a tensile machine.
  7. Ensure that welds are neat and aesthetically pleasing, without any slip welding or skipping.
  8. When joints are affected by condensation, moisture, sediment, etc., perform welding only after appropriate treatment.

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