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HDPE Pond Liner Used In Marine Shrimp Pond Breeding Projects

Use high density polyethylene pond liner to build shrimp ponds for breeding fish and shrimps.

Project Overview:

A customer wanted to buy some polyethylene pond liners to build a pond. He has an animal and food processing factory with a large open space that he wants to use to build a shrimp pond and learned about the construction of shrimp ponds from QIVOC. Since the customer is in a tropical area with a lot of rain, we recommend to the customer a 0.5mm hdpe geomembrane pond liner and a 0.75mm geomembrane giant pond lining for shrimp farming. After communicating with the customer, they decided to use 0.75mm HDPE pond liner sheet as the shrimp pond lining to prevent seepage.

HDPE Pond Liner Used In Marine Shrimp Pond Breeding Projects 2


HDPE lining for pond specifications:

Total number of geomembrane pond liner: 90,000 square meters
Thickness: 0.75mm
Roll size: 6m * 3000m

Before applying the HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane liner, the slope should be leveled and then the loose soil should be covered with HDPE sheet for the pond.

1) The high density pond liner should extend from the bottom to the high position, not too tight, leaving a margin of 1.50% for local sinking and stretching. Based on the actual conditions of the project, lay the slope from top to bottom.

2) Two adjacent longitudinal joints shall not be on a horizontal line and staggered by more than 1.3m. The longitudinal joints shall be more than 1.50m away from the dam foot and bent foot and shall be set on a flat surface.

4) Slope first and then bottom.

5) When laying the slope, the spreading direction of the HDPE pond liner should be parallel to the maximum slope line.

HDPE Pond Liner Used In Marine Shrimp Pond Breeding Projects 3

Things to note when laying high density polyethylene pond liner

1. Slope laying:

Before laying a polyethylene pond liners on a slope, the laying area should be inspected and measured. According to the actual measured size, the HDPE geomembrane pond liner matching the size in the warehouse is transported to the anchoring trench platform. When laying, the convenient top-down “push” method should be used according to the actual conditions on-site. In sectors, they should be cut reasonably so that the upper and lower ends are firmly anchored.

2. Bottom laying:

Before laying the hdpe pond liner sheet, the laying area should be inspected and measured, and the anti-seepage membrane lining board that matches the size in the warehouse should be transported to the corresponding location according to the measured size. When laying, the hdpe lining for ponds should be pushed manually in a certain direction.

3. Alignment:

The paving of the geomembrane pond liner, whether on the side slope or at the bottom of the field, should be straight to avoid wrinkles and ripples and to align the two HDPE pond sheets. According to the design requirements, the overlap width is generally about 10 cm. Align the high density pond liner in time and put sandbags on it to prevent wind blowing and pulling.

4. Anchor trench laying:

At the top of the anchor trench, a certain amount of HDPE pond liner should be reserved according to design requirements for local well drilling and stretching.

HDPE Pond Liner Used In Marine Shrimp Pond Breeding Projects 1

Application Effect:

By using high density polyethylene pond liners to build shrimp ponds, customers get great results with less budget. This made him happy and maintained a long-term relationship with us.

If you are interested in our HDPE geomembrane, please click the link below for detailed information.

HDPE Geomembrane

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